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When I founded Beautiful Energy School last year, it was birthed from an idea that I pow-wowed with my friend Gina about one day at the Corner Bakery. At the time, I called it the Powerful Living center. It would be a place where we could teach meditation and mindfulness, do classes and workshops and support our city with a mind-body-spirit healing space. Until that space came to pass, I began hosting meditations and classes throughout the city. I started a series of singing bowl meditations at Moon Goddess by the Sea. I chose that space, not only because I adore the owner Rebecca, but also because I love the little slice of good vibes carved into the fringe of downtown Corpus Christi.

I also loved the Tango Tea Room. Here are a couple of shots of my experience there, enjoying a hummus plate and Hibiscus tea, sitting in the corner, looking out the window. I was contemplating all of the things that could be done in the outdoor courtyard area.

IMG_20150312_152844_281 (1)     IMG_20150312_152403_623

One of my first friends back to Corpus Christi was Denise, who owns the Funky Monkey hair salon in the Water St. Market. This is her and I at the Food and Wine festival last year.  Denise is one of my dearest and closest friends.


Over this past year, I’ve spent a great deal of my time at the Water St. Market. The Downtown Farmer’s Market used to be in that space before it moved to Republic Square. This is a shot of the bounty I brought home after a visit to the market when it was still there.


Why am I sharing all of this with you? Because I have an opportunity to make it a part of my daily life now, to bring all of the richness that is woven throughout the current tapestry of my life into this space. It’s been part of my history here and I am ready to dive in and make it part of my future. Our future. As a community supported space.

The Tango Tea Room sits closed right now. It is ready for a new chapter. A chapter that I’d like to open, but I need your help and support. We’ve got a small group effort started. Our Indiegogo campaign can tell you more:

This morning, as I was contemplating my upcoming visit with the property manager, I was reminded of a summer day camp that my son attended in Austin at Casa de Luz. I loved this center for the food, the classes and healing that it brings to Austin. The camp that my son attended there was an entrepreneur camp. The kids selected what kind of business they wanted to start, worked on their project all week, then sold their wares in the restaurant. It was a beautiful experience, one that could be had right here in Corpus Christi as well. There is so much potential here.

Those who know me, know that I travel with art supplies and paint all around the city. I travel with a tarp, pillows, a comforter and my singing bowl, for impromptu meditations. To have the ability to house it all under one roof, to make all of this a collective effort, would be simply amazing.

Will you join us? Fund our campaign, share it with your network, host a fundraiser, and join our Facebook group. If you have any questions, would like to talk to us, or otherwise need to contact us about this effort, please call me at 361-210-6911 or contact me here.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you will join us.

With great love,


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