For Individuals and Groups

With an emphasis on mindfulness, Beautiful Energy School is currently focusing on a base curriculum that includes:

  • An Introduction to Mindfulness
  • Exploring Mindfulness
    • What Is Mindfulness?
    • What Does it Matter?
      • Benefits
      • How to Apply
    • Methods ~ Tips, Tricks & Techniques
  • The Art of Awareness
  • Living a Mindful Life ~ Practical Application
    • Mindful Eating
    • Mindful Relationships
    • Mindfulness and Children
    • Mindfulness in the Workplace
    • Everyday Mindfulness

Additionally, we apply a study guide to The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho to the course that includes:

  • Your Present Reality
  • Your Dream
  • Interpretation
  • The Journey
  • Experiencing Adversity
  • Stop, Drop and Grow
  • The Desert Experience
  • Realization of the Intended Outcome

The intended outcome for all of our work is that our community of practitioners understand how to better:

  • Navigate Adversity
  • Embrace Necessary Changes
  • Experience Personal Satisfaction

Our mission is to support our community towards actualizing their dreams, goals and aspirations. We seek to heal the world through embracing more compassion and less judgement.

Can you imagine a more compassionate world?

If we can support one person to:

  • Love someone else through their addiction
  • Help one person out of homelessness
  • Overcome road rage
  • Communicate without anger

…how might our world change?

It all starts with our own little corner of the universe.

What would you like to change in your little corner? How might you experience more peace, joy, happiness and fulfillment?

Let us know. Fill out this form and we’ll contact you to fill you in on our upcoming classes.

We can also customize a program for your group, team or workplace.

Reach out and let us know how we can best support you and your desire to make your corner of the universe that much more meaningful.

Wishing you big, great love.

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