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As more companies institute physical wellness programs for their employees, progressive companies are incorporating an additional element to their mix. Referred to as the Third Metric by Ariana Huffington, this element focuses on redefining success to include well-being, wisdom, wonder, compassion and giving.

In addition to working with individuals and groups, Beautiful Energy School institutes and develops mindfulness programs which support personal growth, self-discovery and emotional intelligence for organizations. Companies who provide wellness programs for their employees see a marked return on investment.  Evidence abounds, such as this example from Harvard Business Review (HBR), which reveals that Johnson & Johnson saw a $2.71 return on every dollar spent on wellness initiatives.

HBR goes further…

Wellness isn’t just about physical fitness. Depression and stress, in particular, have [proven] to be major sources of lost productivity. Wellness program administrators need to think beyond diet and exercise.

That’s where we come in. We custom tailor programs specifically for your organization. From implementing a basic secular mindfulness program, similar to this one from the Universiti Sains Malaysia which focuses on techniques for stress and emotional management, to those that incorporate additional spiritual support, such as the wellness program created for Biltmore Estate, which includes a nondenominational chaplain service to assist employees and immediate family members with divorce, serious illness, death and grief recovery.

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After two years, Intel is moving to expand their mindfulness program from just two locations, to it’s company-wide workforce of over 100,000 in 63 countries. Of the 1,500 employees who have participated so far, evaluations reveal that participants are now experiencing less stress, an increase in happiness and well-being, better mental clarity, more creativity, and improved relationship quality at work*.

Research indicates that implementing a wellness program can decrease employee attrition, increase productivity, boost morale and overall well-being.  In Big Business Learns that Wellness is Good Business, Huffington outlines the benefits that companies such as SAS, Intel, LL Bean, Asana, Etsy, Fidelity Investments, Boston Consulting Group, and Aetna have experienced. Even more telling is how the financial industry is waking up to the importance of mental and emotional well-being in the workplace.


 If your organization is ready to join the ranks of progressive businesses who are incorporating mindfulness into the workplace or would just like to explore how programs like ours can benefit your organization, contact us here.

Visit There is No Price Tag On a Clear Mind, from The Guardian, for great insight on the Intel wellness program and information on additional studies.

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