Despacho Ceremony

The Despacho Ceremony is a beautiful way to usher in a new season. This Peruvian ceremony originated in the Andes and is practiced for a multitude of purposes and can be performed during weddings, new moon ceremonies and various times to invite new intentions into our lives and the world around us. The ceremony begins in advance, by collecting, gathering and saving dried flowers, herbs, berries, nuts, twigs, and other natural elements. They are placed upon a ceremonial cloth or paper as an altar, blessed and burned, buried or released into a body of water as an offering.

Photo credit: Sweet Fern Studios

Photo credit: Sweet Fern Studios

The Despacho is offered as a gift to create new patterns of relationship and possibility. It is way to realign our physical plane with the unseen powers that hold our universe together. The Despacho is used to bring blessings to the earth and it’s people.

Every Despacho is unique for the purpose of the ceremony. The tradition originated with the Q’ero people of Peru and has spread to the west through modern day shaman’s, holistic practitioners and spiritual guides. We honor the ancient tradition of the Q’ero people, by conducting this ceremony as an act of love and gratitude on behalf of all mankind.




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