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Most of us are busy with our daily lives, taking care of our families, showing up for work, cleaning the house, just doing our thing. Some of us have chosen a unique path a little outside the mainstream, perhaps in a spiritual space, as I have. As I connect with life coaches, therapists, healers, bishops, people of faith, shamans, and yogi’s, one thing is abundantly clear – to those who have chosen this path, our lives are dedicated to supporting humanity.

One of the reasons people are drawn to this work is because somewhere along the way, we began healing ourselves. Whether it was overcoming childhood trauma, transitioning out of damaging relationships and patterns, or an insatiable quest for knowledge, the truth and ultimate freedom. As we learn techniques and methods for overcoming and creating abundance in our lives, it is only natural for some of us that the next state of progression is to begin teaching and sharing what we’ve learned to benefit others. Some do it through pastoral care, some through private programs, some through workshops and conferences, some through writing books and giving lectures.

There is an abundance of resources and individuals available to help people transition from where they don’t want to be to somewhere more positive, happy and alive. Somewhere along the way though, we can get stuck with being so positive, happy and alive, we become oblivious to the pain of the humanity that surrounds us, forgetting we were either there once ourselves, or if it wasn’t for our work, we could be there now. It is to the point that if we are uncomfortable, we call it “negative”. I’ve written about this before, but I encourage you to revisit the essence of what this piece has to offer.

You see, yesterday in my city, a man shot himself in the head while driving down a freeway. His girlfriend was in the passenger seat. When I see these kinds of situations in my space, it is a pattern disruption for me and I allow it. Do you know why I allow this information to flow to me rather than resist it with the intention of sanitizing my space? Because I need to be reminded that most of humanity does not exist within the spaces I live my life today.

You don’t need to take other people’s pain and suffering into your heart. This world is filled with enough suffering without trying to spread it. Rather, touch the pain and suffering you find and meet it with love and spaciousness. That’s what we call compassion. ~ Unknown

It is easy to set ourselves up in our manifested circles of play, insulate ourselves with everything positive and only accept what makes us feel good…while blocking out the large portion of humanity who is struggling alone in the darkness. We are the light. Without darkness, you cannot see the light. If we surround ourselves with only light, how can humanity see us? How can they reach us?

Here’s the thing. I thought about this man, what would drive him so far over the edge he would commit such an act. What if I had walked by him at the grocery store? What if he stood in line next to me? Maybe I met him at a party last week. I mean, who knows?

I have this weird thing about being happy…I want it for everyone else also. I don’t ever want to become so oblivious to the plight of humanity that I forget that I was once there, so full of anxiety, despair and pain. As I develop my business plan, programs, workshops, and classes, I am always present to why I take on this work and who I am serving. I cannot consciously move forward unless people have a common way to tap into methods for creating a more powerful and purposeful life.

I rode the wave of thousand dollar mastermind courses and I may ride in that space again. But for right now, what matters is my neighbor who just offed himself on the freeway. What could I have done, what resource could have been in place, for this person to have better access to help before this happened? Were the people around him so oblivious or unable to get him to help?

My heart aches at the state of our prison system, the largest mental institution in America. Our homeless situation. Our veterans who are coming home with PTSD and find little to no support.

The only solution I see is to help nudge humanity to care. That’s it. Just a tap on the shoulder to say “Hello, do you see that right there? You can help.” And then provide a way for them to do just that.

But those of us who have the capacity to really make an impact within the depths of humanity must stop resisting the truth about where most of it is. Most of it is in darkness. People are hurting, suffering and in pain. Someone somewhere in the world suicides every 40 seconds.

It’s important that we touch humanity with our love, compassion and light. It’s got to be about us coming together to create something new. Our system is flawed, our old ideas of personal growth and change must take on new methods.

As I make my way to the Voice and Exit event this weekend in Austin, as I play within the realms of the Rebel Academy to co-create our next platform for sustainable change, and launch this Indiegogo campaign to create a meditation and healing arts center in my city, there are only two things I know. We have to do something differently and we must figure out how bring the lowest parts of humanity up with us along the way.

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  1. This reminds me of my work the Hunger Project back in the early eighties. The Hunger Project set out to end world hunger by the end of the century. The way they approached the problem at the beginning was through education and making people aware of the problem and how big it was but more importantly that it was possible to end world hunger. The key was making people aware of both the problem and that it is truly possible to find solutions. That is part of the problem in general. The average person doesn’t believe there are solutions to these problems and more importantly they don’t feel any sense of empowerment to do anything nor do they see anyone truly addressing the problems. So the easiest way to deal with this sense of dis-empowerment and pain is to become blind and numb to it so that we don’t have to feel our own pain. So what you are doing has value. Education and awareness and coming from a space of solution are invaluable.

    • Thank you Vicki. You are such an angel in my life. <3


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