Liberated Activism

A couple of weeks ago, I was having a Skype visit with my new friend Chandra Nicole, founder of Rebel Academy. During our time together, the phrase “liberated activism” spilled from my lips. The phrase was so profound, I wish that I would have had a paper and pen to write it down so that I wouldn’t forget what I had said. Fortunately, Chandra kept that neatly held for me when I was ready to remember it again.

Today’s Love Note…

“Spiritual blinders” is a phrase often referred to in the fundamentalist Christian faith that objects to seeing or absorbing information, thoughts or ideas that contradict the Bible. This meant denying and rejecting any concepts that challenged your ideas and beliefs about the “Word of God”. In the spiritual community, I have found a similar equivalent, and that is when we throw out feel good phrases to deflect and resist the spiritual truth or expression of another.

Yesterday, I wrote about spiritual bullying. This fear based oppression is weaved throughout fundamentalist Christianity. It’s also weaved throughout the spiritual community, and I’ll tell you why. We have often have risen out of such dark places, we work hard to stay in “state”. Staying in state is the idea that we are to remain positive, happy and joyful at all times. It applies in Christian doctrine and in what could be considered New Age, Metaphysical or spiritual movements however, we often take it out of context and in doing so, repress our natural human emotion in the process. This is neither healthy for us or our relationships.

They tell us to wear masks, repress and hide our true feelings, teach us to adapt our personalities to the marketplace, and then they expect healthy functioning. Is that even possible from below a mask? Can it be any surprise that humans are depressed and act out in hurtful ways when they have been conditioned to distort their truths, bury their feelings, grin and bear it? If we want humans to act empathically, we have to model it to them as a society. If we want humans to stop hurting others, we have to support healthy emotional release so that they do not accumulate toxic feelings. If we want humans to move from their most heartfelt authenticity, we have to stop shaming and shunning their genuine expression. If we want humans to move from love, we must love them first. We can’t teach repression and disguise on a society wide level, and then expect loving, compassionate behavior. It’s entirely ridiculous. ~ Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown often talks about “healthy emotional release”. I would consider Jeff to be a liberated activist. A liberated activist is someone who affects change in the world with passionate love. It is the ability to speak up for global truths with compassion, grace and wisdom with the ultimate goal in healing ourselves, each other and the planet.

Speaking up takes courage and passion. It takes believing in what matters and forging ahead with your work, regardless of how others attempt to control how you express yourself. Looking back now, all of those times people told me how to act, how to express, telling me not to rock the boat, those were all lessons to teach me how to become brave.

Have you ever been told that you are “too much”? Too opinionated, too flamboyant, too loud, too overdressed, too intimidating? I have. I would shrink and reel it back in order not to make others feel uncomfortable.

your playing small


In the past, I have prided myself on being able to keep a balance. A balance of sharing truth while walking in love.  I’m coming to a place where continuing in my own ideas of “balance” equals the whitewashing of my existence. There are extremes to everything. As a meditation instructor, it is common knowledge that most people think meditation is sitting on the floor in zen pose doing nothing. It’s portrayed in movies as the people who are into meditation and spiritual development live in a dreamy state, detached from reality.

Enter Spike Gillespie, author of Meditation Kicks Ass. Most people don’t think of kicking ass and meditation in the same sentence, but she’s right. It does kick ass. You can make meditation be anything you want it to be. You can make your spirituality anything you want it to be. Why would we want to homogenize spirituality?

You see spirituality is an individual practice and it doesn’t look like anything we can put a label or idea around. Just like God. There is no way that any of us can put our minds around the concept of God, then tell others what God wants or set rules around it. That’s just selfish. Who are we to tell others how to define God or their own spirituality? That’s just silly.

Breaking free from the opinions, beliefs and dogma that bind us to our own ideas of how people should express themselves and their love is liberating. Why are we so concerned about controlling the emotional expression of others? Who cares?

evil passive people

There is a place for liberated activism in the spiritual community. Without action, without boldly moving forward with our truth (which we paid a dear price to discover), we become passive observers in the evolution of humanity. I know not everyone will agree with me and perhaps at this stage of the game, I’ll come to the place where I can just sit with being high vibration, holding space, knowing that my energetic vibration alone is enough to change the world.

In the meantime, I will tell you this. When I was seeking my own liberation, I found little in the way of support. I’ve been told over and over again that I need to “just be love”. That is one of the most frustrating things to be told when you are seeking answers and wisdom. I *am* love, so when you say that, it makes me feel like you are saying that I am not enough. Like I need to love more, or love in some way different than I’m doing right now.

There is a balance. Just like there is a balance to the fact that we are energetic beings in a physical body feeling human emotion. What makes the intangible, tangible?

I believe our purpose is to tap into our energetic source to bring a tangible state into existence. Where did the trees come from? They were pulled out of an intangible place and made tangible. Where did a baby come from? The baby was pulled out of an intangible place and made tangible.

The intangible place *is* love. We already *are* love. As creators upon the earth, we pull from the intangible place that is us and create. To make something evident. To bring our tangible expression to this world. We are here to create.

be brave

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