Same-Sex Ceremonies

As the Supreme Court prepares to issue its ruling on same-sex marriage, I came across Get Married Texas! a group who is working with Austin officials to make it quick and easy for same-sex couples to become legally married in Texas. I support same-sex unions for a few reasons. The religious idea that marriage should be between a man and a woman, has nothing to do with the constitution. I say, let your religious convictions be your own guide – not everybody elses.

Marriage between two people comes with loads of benefits, not to mention the commitment that one person makes to another to care for them in life. Why would we deny someone the right to choose another person to spend their life with? To support each other in love and eternity? What do I care about their sex life? Same-sex marriage is not about the sex, it’s about two adults making a choice. A freedom they should be entitled to, just like any other couple.

If marriage is an institution that supports people and families, let that institution do that – for everyone. Up until 48 years ago, interracial couples couldn’t get married for religious reasons. This is called bigotry. It is societal intolerance.

We all know since the beginning of humankind, lovers have covered themselves in secrecy because of religious laws, rules and moral judgement. Many have been killed along the way. Let’s just stop with the insanity of policing the sex lives of grown adults.

Since 36 states have already legalized same-sex unions, I anticipate the ruling will be favorable for same-sex couples across the nation. It has to be, since the laws are so sticky for couples who marry in one state, then are not recognized in another. The scales are tipped for a favorable verdict.

With that said, I am on standby to officiate same-sex ceremonies in Corpus Christi. This is a historic time for Texas and a sacred time for individuals to step into the freedom and expression of the love they have chosen.

If you or someone you care about is making plans to obtain a license and plan a ceremony, please do let me know how I can best support you. There are resources, churches and people who care about you, your union and have a place for you. You are loved and accepted. We have safe space waiting for you. ♥

PS – you can contact me here or call 361-210-6911



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