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Yesterday, I wrote a page titled “The Liberation of Humanity“. In it, I outlined my purpose. Now, I’ll share how I’ll share how I show up with it.

My background is in digital marketing. I taught myself HTML, built a website and started selling party supplies online as a work at home mom in 1999. I wrote a course called “Build Your Platform; Build Your Revenue” that helped entrepreneurs and professionals understand how to write for their industry, create a tribe and share their message.

My work took me to many conferences, workshops and events. I connected with thousands of people. The one thing I continually wanted to understand is how can I really help people? How can I make the biggest impact?

Years of self-discovery led me to the place of finding my voice. My authentic, true, voice. I had to break down all kinds of walls to get there, but once I did, the next step was to speak it. And share it. And write about it. Knowing that not everyone would understand. It can be challenging to come out from behind the need to be liked by everybody and step into your authentic power, with knowing, passion and purpose. Undeterred by people who tell you “you can’t say that” or even your own psyche telling you to just keep quiet.

I have an unique mix of spiritual and business savvy. I love to work with people who aren’t afraid to challenge themselves. People who will do whatever it takes to get to the core of their message and share it powerfully with the world.

I’d love nothing better than to simply crank out another rock star course and start pimping it out, but that is not what I believe humanity needs from me.

I believe there are people who have a yearning in their hearts that they need support in expressing. They want to share a message. They want to write. They want to speak. They want to put themselves out there. And where they are at in the process is subjective. Everyone is in a different place. My one course might address a piece of the puzzle for each individual, but my intention is to serve fully. And this is where you come in.

If you are someone who would like to have a guide in their life to support them with clarity, direction, finding purpose and expressing your voice, then I might be able to help you.

Call me 361-210-6911 Or you can text me. Or you can fill out this little contact form right here.

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