The Liberation of Humanity

This page started out as a blog post. As I began to write, I realized it is the core mission of why I created Beautiful Energy School.

Throughout my many years in the personal development space, there has been one deep longing throughout not only my life, but in the lives of millions of others.

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Most people want to know their purpose.

We search for our purpose in our families, our relationships, our religion and within the depths of our souls. If you’re anything like me, you simply cannot stop searching. Maybe you feel a small gnawing deep inside of you that something is missing. That’s how it was for me. I enjoyed my time as a DJ, a restaurant server, car washer, dancer, salesperson, entrepreneur, wife, and mother. I still had this feeling that I was missing it somewhere. It wasn’t constant, but back in 2007, it started to be. It was because I was uncomfortable. I wasn’t being true to who I really was. I didn’t know who I really was.

I take that back. I really did know who I was, I just lost touch with her many, many years ago. Through pain, grief, loss, and tragedy, I did the only thing I knew how to protect my very sensitive psyche – I created my own paradigm within which to function.

The funny thing about self-development is, you get to a point where you ask yourself “How many more courses do I need to take? How many more books do I need to read? When will I feel like I no longer have the need to ‘fix’ myself?” Enter in the moment that personal development collided with spiritual development. At the core of that uncomfortable area where I felt like I was missing something was not another book or tape, it was the healing of my soul.

As I began to reconnect with my authentic self, massive shifts began to take place within myself. I searched and searched for answers, tried to launch many businesses and concepts, but I could still never seem to put my finger on it. I knew I was close though. I was making progress.

When people ask “If you could do anything, what would you do?” Most people say “travel the world” or “write a book”. I said those things too. But those were ancillary things that I would do WHILE living on purpose. It still didn’t address my purpose.

As I’ve taken this long journey of self-discovery, it hit me this morning. I want to liberate humanity. If I could do anything in the world, it would be to liberate humanity. Lofty, huh? 🙂

I love Mindvalley’s mission of “pushing humanity forward”. What I’ve come to realize, my own work lies in shattering illusions, challenging beliefs and liberating ourselves from the lies that we don’t even know we believe. It is brave work, not only for myself, but for anyone who embarks on this journey.

Now that I am very clear, I have joined forces with Rebel Academy to connect with a group of people who have been doing this same work as I and have come to a very similar conclusion. It is difficult to put verbiage around what we do, who we are and what our work is about. So far, we’ve got the term Freedom Guide.

The concept of the guide is to simply lead each other home. It’s to guide people back to themselves.

Facing your lows – your anger, loneliness, greed, fears, depressions, and conflicts – is the most productive fire of purification you can find. ~ Ram Dass

In this article, Ram Dass says “If you don’t have a guide, trust your own judgment” when doing the work on your soul. I’ve had guides guides and I’ve learned to trust my own judgement. Most of my season with guides were a series of taking another course or buying another book. Every personal or spiritual development course I tried to put together was modeled after my guides. They never felt truly authentic for me.

As I slipped out of that space and drew in to myself, I realized that I wanted to come out the other side being a beacon of light, while illuminating the people I worked with more than myself.

The Rebel Academy is currently in it’s infancy. Nothing like what we are doing has ever been done (that we know of). It is putting the intangible into a tangible space with not enough words to describe it.

As we know is this. Something has to change. The way we’ve been doing things has to change. Globally.

As guides, we choose to start by healing our own soul and calling others towards their own inner healing. We support humanity with courage, strength, compassion, empathy, and true, authentic love in an effort that everyone discover the truth of who they really are and live their own deliciously free, glorious, and powerful life.

Would you like to go with us? Let me know, here.

Love, Ricci

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